Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting in shape is exhausting.

I'm exhausted and I blame exercise. I even made an appointment with my personal trainer this week (an appointment I'd been putting of for oh, about 6 months.  So yeah, that was an hour and a half worth of inspiring torture. I'm now set up on more of the machines at the gym and know how to use them. I can have  a session with D. every week. So in the 7 months I've had a gym membership, I've had one before this week. And it was a short one. I work out an average of 15-30 minutes every week or so at the actual gym not counting swimming with the kiddo (amount of exercise there is highly variable but we swim about 2 times/week). In theory, I'd like to go to the gym and do all that fancy schmancy weight lifting and cardio crap. In practice, I'd like to sleep for 3 days.  I'm not buying the exercise equals lots more energy thing just yet. We shall see.

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