Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let me out of here pt 2: Alone

I feel really alone.  I asked for someone to look over my resume (on the debil aka. facebook) and I get snarky comments (mostly along the lines of "why don't you take your husband's resume and just put your name on it!"). Yeah, that feels great. Thanks guys.

I just posted a note begging for help with anything at all (work has been insane, truly insane, and I'm packing and sorting alone)--I'm horribly overwhelmed and horribly stressed out. I did get one response (a SAHM is available to come help me but only during the hours when she knows I work). If I could get a few days off this wouldn't be an issue.

I keep wanting to run out the door. I hate that I need this income right now. I hate it.

There's no actual point to this other than a need to vent somewhere.  The one group of friends I was venting to has basically said they don't want to hear any of it until I no longer work here--guess I vented too much.

There are multiple events this week/weekend. I just canceled one for this evening.  I will probably cancel tomorrow's too.  There are 2 parties Saturday (and I think one Sunday).  At least one of those was already on the chopping block but I'm beginning to think it's major anti-social time.

I thought my mom could come help me but neither she nor my dad have had great health lately.

I'm in this alone and it's really hard.

I need a job in Los Angeles and I need one now.

Let me out of here!!!!

I need to get out of here, now.  SO, I've not updated in a long time (sorry).  DH got a job in CA. So I am leaving.  I don't have a job yet but we have an apt. there and I may have found a daycare yesterday (they have an opening in 2 wks).

All signs today say RUN RUN RUN AWAY! 

I need to find a job. I need to do this now.  I've been putting it off.

I need out of here. Panic. Total panic. My current day job is in an institution that is a horrible sinking ship.

i just canceled swimming tonight so I can apply for jobs.