Friday, January 25, 2013

What happens in L.A. when it rains? We hide indoors!

Seriously, no one goes out when there's weather outside the norm (sunny, mid 70's, no wind). Lord help the locals when it gets to be below 60 during the day. This is frustrating when arranging play dates for my kiddo on slightly chilly days but has the benefit of getting the best parks all to ourselves. This also works for the pool at the gym (no one thinks to go swimming if it's lightly raining out even if it's a heated indoor pool, thus swimming on rainy days is a favorite activity).

Anyway, today I'm hiding indoors from the nice light misty rain. I'm tackling my bedroom. I had grandiose visions of selling the giant piles of clothes that I own but don't wear.  This was going to pay for the giant piles of clothes I just bought. Then I went through my drawers and reality smacked me in the face. There's a REASON I don't wear most of that--it's total crap. I kind of think that Goodwill is going to slightly hate me when I donate this stuff. Hello 20 year old PJ's, stretched out T-shirts, button down shirts that wrinkle so badly that I doubt it's even possible to fully iron them and they're missing a button. Wow.

My "to sell" box has 1 shirt, 1 dress and 1 pair of pants. the Goodwill box is big and overflowing.

My genius moment was to designate 1 drawer for swimsuits (we swim a lot, I have a lot of swimsuits and they wear out fast so it's good to have a lot). I quickly determined the drawer was way too big to waste on swimsuits but I noticed an organizer box thing (one of the fabric kind like the one in the ad below). So, I cleared off a shelf of books I never look at and put the suits in the box. Now they're more easily accessible for quick trips to the pool/beach. My new tankini is right on top--squee (like the one below but with a skirt too and with green flowers on it. Yay. And the most accessible shelves in my bedroom are now more useful to me. The poor books were relocated to the closet.

I will never be a professional organizer but maybe eventually I'll be organized. I need a few more rainy days though.

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