Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Spring Holidays (St. Patty's and Easter)

Right before St. Patrick's Day, I always buy 2 corned beef roasts--my husband thinks I'm insane. In a family of 3, we eat corned beef and cabbage enough meals in a row that no one wants to think of any of those foods for a while. This year, rather than forcing 2 rounds of this on my family, I went with Reubans for the second round. And oh, we are all so very, very happy. Yum.

As for Easter, it's coming up this Sunday. I'm not much a fan of Easter. Before Shithead neglected his dogs to the point where they killed my bunnies for funsies (and anything else they could get their big teeth on), I used to give our buns an extra treat on Easter (cuz I'm goofy like that). For the record, Shithead's dogs were sent off to a lab rescue where they will be well cared for and kept away from small children and animals.

At any rate, I'm not that big on Easter, but I'm OK with doing the Easter Bunny thing. The Easter Bunny may have gone a bit overboard on shopping. But it's OK. I looked at our friendly neighborhood Target and our friendly neighborhood dollar store. They had the same stuff but the dollar store stuff was roughly a quarter of the price. So, the Easter Bunny shopped there.  This year, the Easter Bunny is bringing Piglet a bunch of puzzles, a bunny ears headband (the only part that came from Target), and a bunch of candy.  The Easter Bunny gave me a bag of Jelly Bellies (What?! Don't judge me! It's not robbing my child if I eat the candy before Easter! And there's another bag anyway). 

There's also a free Easter Egg hunt at the park closest to us on Saturday!  Sounds like a giant nightmarish clusterfuck so, naturally, I think we'll go! 

PLEASE PLEASE, don't be a Shithead. Don't adopt animals you won't take care of. Before you buy that live Easter Bunny, remember that the little guys live to be 6-12 years old, so if you're not willing to commit 12 years to them, just buy the plush or chocolate varieties.  Oh and if you are considering adopting a bunny, wait a few months because a couple months after Easter, shelters get flooded with "Easter Bunnies" by Shitheads. 

K. I'm gonna go eat another sandwich now. G'night.

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