Sunday, March 25, 2012

On Money

I've finally gotten my cash rolled over from the pension plan from my previous job into a nice happy little IRA. Yay the corrupt evil bastards are no longer in control of any part of my cash.  That said, I'm finding managing it myself a bit nerve wracking.  Just by nature of it being my "retirement fund" it feels more important and I'm more afraid of losing it. On the other hand, it feels very strange for it to be separate from my usual brokerage account. It sure would be nice to be able to combine the two (ah if only there were no tax implications--seriously, I cashed out my retirement once--don't do that--OMG I was so screwed on taxes that year and I got so little of my principal--ouch).

I need some of my friends to become investors so I have people to chat with about this crap. My closest friends all seem to be of the "no savings at all" variety--sounds terrifying to me.

I'm hemorrhaging cash a bit faster than I'd like. Sigh, time to come up with some additional income sources. I'm trying to put off getting a job as long as possible. Some sort of part time work from home thing would be cool. Piglet benefits from having me around a lot. I still need more resetting time and I'm still working out what I want to do next.   I'm not running out of cash but if I'm not exactly breaking even. I probably shouldn't obsess about this when I'm sick.

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