Friday, September 9, 2011

I just found the coolest sewing blog!!! OMG!

I just stumbled on this.  I love, love, love the stuff she's made!  I plan to use up some of my stash in an attempt to make one of the ruffly scarves (I'll use silk). 

In boring job hunting news: DH is now being courted by 4 companies (most in SF).  The latest may let him work from here for a while (this would be a mixed blessing--good financially but would mean I'm stuck in this gig for a while). Oh well.  I'm just crossing my fingers he gets a job (and one he likes). 

In other news, I now have a vagulely professional sewing gig.  A buddy of mine is opening a store in her little town in MT and has asked me to design/sew some inventory for her.  So far, I've made 3 burp cloths (not a lot, but my time is seriously limited).

I guess that's it for now.  TGIF!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


DH has had a couple interviews with companies in Northern CA. So, the job search focus has changed for me.  I need to find jobs to apply for and then actually apply for them. :)

I'm stressing about cash but at least DH is trying to get a job with a nice steady paycheck.

Crossing my fingers this all works out.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

NYC?? Texas?? Somewhere else???

Pardon the current obsessing over various places.  I am overly focused on the idea of escaping the Land of Entrapment (if only for a year or so). 

DH has an interview in a city where I can't find anything I'm qualified for that will pay a decent wage *cough* NYC *cough*. But I've looked into it and apparently there are places that are affordable to live in the area--so there's that (some detached houses with tiny little yards--SQUEE).  And if he made enough, I could loaf about for a while and/or get some little froof part time gig (which would be amazingly awesome and would completely fix this whole burn out problem I have).  Also, New York is a much cooler city (that goes without saying, but still). The downside--it's colder there. If I whine about it being too cold in the Southwest, and I do, then I'm pretty sure the first couple of winters would kick my ass.

The job posting for the job I applied for has closed.  So they're reviewing applications.  I guess we'll see if I get a bite.

Another possibility is the Austin area of Texas (not quite as cool as NYC but super cheap). IDK.  This uncertainty is annoying at best. Bah.

I want a new job. And, I want to move.