Monday, February 4, 2013

My Old Garden is GONE

Ya know what's weird? Seeing your house a little over a year after you moved out of it. I was looking at the property manager's listing for renting the house today (joy of joys we're between renters--ugh). There's a pic of the backyard. My garden is GONE. The grass is gone. Also, the wine racks I left in the basement are still there (but in the kitchen). I shouldn't have looked. It's kinda messing with my head to see my house all weird and empty. The garden was the worst though. I was promised a plot in the community garden when we moved here (it's been full the entire time and no there's no waiting list--ugh). The part of the garden I could see for sure in the pic was the newer "kitchen garden" section.  I had the most awesome herbs. 

I had Navajo Tea plants (4), Chamomile, Salad Burnett, chives, rosemary, 2 varieties of thyme, a couple varieties of sage, lots of basil (but that's an annual anyway though to a point it will self seed). Last I saw that part of the garden there were a lot of things growing in it. I had some vegetables in there too.  Now it's very packed dirt. Everything I did to it, all the turning the soil, planting everything, everything is gone. 

I didn't think I cared much. I don't intend on living there again. Seeing the garden hurt a bit. I was partly OK with a couple pots of herbs in the apartment window because I had this big garden I could theoretically go back to (though I wouldn't because I don't want to live in that city). 

Ah well. To my garden, farewell old friend.  And to anyone looking at my house, just rent the damn place already!!!!  

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