Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Window shopping for houses *sigh*

So I'm window shopping for houses. I'm not in a position to buy right now (my kingdom for a garden--grr). I just found one I really really want. I can't have it, but it's awesome. It's even (relatively) in my current neighborhood. There's an orange tree (OK so oranges grow like weeds around here and they're stupidly cheap, but still, mature fruit tree yo). It's big. There's a guest house (my husband wants a guest room in our next place which is nice in theory but I want space and privacy and breaks from guests when they're around)--so little guest house would be awesome. And the kitchen made me swoon (it needs an island or something but it's huge and pretty). It's not even all that expensive ($300k). I need to start saving up a downpayment (not for this house, it'll be gone by the time I'm ready to buy again, but surely something cool will be on the market).

Really, seeing my garden demolished affected me more than I thought it would.  Now I want a new garden and house. And I want them here. Ohh, I didn't mention the laundry room. this house had a great laundry room even better than my house in far far away land. OOOH. I hate laundromats. I hate carrying laundry up and down the apt stairs every week.  Bain of my existence. I've looked at other apartments in the neighborhood but the price difference for one with washer dryer hookups is such a significant increase it's not worth it.  Le sigh.

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