Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ojos in my butt!

Piglet is 2.  Two year olds are talky little creatures, at least mine is.  Piglet has a large vocabulary (in English).  Piglet is learning a bit of Spanish at daycare.  This is great and encourages me to brush up on my Spanish (I haven't but the thought occurs to me).

Unfortunately, this has spawned the "ojos in my butt" joke.  It was probably funny in a startling/immature way the first time. It's really not funny any more.  I thought "butt jokes" were hilarious and awesome right around the age of 5 or 6.  I'm really not ready for butt jokes.  There are downsides to teaching kiddos to speak.

That said, almost certainly when I pick up Piglet, she will say, "there are ojos in my butt!" and laugh hysterically, rinse repeat.

So far, this joke has mostly been told in the car.  I understand, car rides are boring.

I need to teach baby that something else is equally hilarious that's slightly less embarrassing to me should she yell it out in public. But really, how does a mom-approved joke compete with "there are ojos in my butt!"

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