Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple lunch of the day

As a working mom, it was always a chore to cook meals. It's a lot easier now that I don't have the stress of a day job, but I still like discovering simple, tasty meals.

Today's lunch, Olive and Monterrey Jack Quesadillas (it's so easy, my toddler helped put them together)
Corn tortillas (or flour, doesn't matter, but I used corn) you need 2 for each quesadilla
sliced or grated cheese
black olive tapenade (I bought a jar of this at Target)
cooking spray or butter for pan

1. Spread olive spread on one side of the half of the tortillas.
2. place cheese on top
3. cook them in a pan like you would grilled cheese.

It's easy and delicious and not your usual quesadilla. I got the idea from a friend who regularly uses all sorts of spreads on grilled cheese. So easy and a really nice way to break away from boring grilled cheese sandwiches.

I plan to put recipes like this here so I can easily look up ideas when I'm drawing a blank and maybe this will help someone else too.

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